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  • About Us
    Aquagiant Ltd. was first established in Edmonton in 2004 to offer aquarium enthusiasts in the Capital Region an alternative to high prices and large franchises by introducing a variety of new and affordable freshwater and marine aquaria products. We carry a wide range of hardware and aquarium equipment, including lights and lighting accessories, self-maintenance tools, buffers, conditioners, substrates, medications, heaters and thermometers, pumps, filters, powerheads, protein skimmers, foods, vitamins, decorations and general cleaning supplies.   
    We offer our customers a unique and affordable selection of products, prices and professional assistance as we introduce even more new aquarium products and marine life to our expanding line from manufacturers and suppliers in North America, Asia and Europe. As an Aquagiant customer, you will be able to select from an even wider range of prices and products; and remember, if we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll get it for you. With suppliers in China, America, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Columbia, Brazil, and Peru, Aquagiant is able to meet the demands of the most discriminating buyer.  
    In the early years we specialized in freshwater fish and aquariums and later merged into the realm of marine fish, coral and invertebrates. Over the past thirteen years we have developed a good rapport with our many in-store customers and with the many businesses and homes that utilize our professional maintenance services. We offer our customers expert guidance and ongoing assistance in setting up and maintaining new aquariums; our professional after-sales service is reasonable, timely and second to none. You can count on us if the going gets tough and extra advice or assistance is required. We believe in integrity, honesty, reliability and first-rate customer service. When you shop at Aquagiant you can be assured of good value, quality products, expert advice and a staff that puts an emphasis on friendly, helpful, knowledgeable service. We believe that every aquarist has the right to expect honesty, competitive pricing and a choice of quality equipment, products and livestock. 


    Come to Aquagiant and you’ll quickly discover why we have sold more than 8,000 aquariums during the past thirteen years, and why pet stores from across the province choose to stock their shelves and their fresh and salt water livestock tanks by utilizing our wholesale services department. We offer a unique selection of quality merchandise at great prices; our management and our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff put customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list. Come and visit us at our fully stocked store: we’re located at 14819 - Yellowhead Trail in Edmonton, Alberta.