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  • What we offer
    Aquagiant Ltd. has everything you need when it comes to setting up, stocking and maintaining fresh water and marine aquaria. Our reliable team of professional aquarists has the experience and the expertise to help you design and build the aquarium you’ve always wanted. At Aquagiant you can count on one-stop shopping for all you aquarium needs. We’ll meet your expectations as we work together to design, build, install and stock your fresh or salt water fish tank or your marine reef aquarium.
    We offer a wide range of services at competitive prices and we strive to meet the expectations and standards of the aquarium industry. No matter how large or small your budget might be, you can count on Aquagiant professionals to help you create an aquarium environment that will highlight your home - or add ambiance and a sense of adventure to your business or professional office.
    When time is important and shopping is a chore, you can count on us to help you expedite your purchase. Are you about to set up your first aquarium? Need some help in selecting the right size, the right price and the right atmosphere for your fish, plants, inverts and coral? Look no further. We are fully prepared to help you prepare a ‘ready-to-go’ aquarium system that will include all of the basics and much more. Don’t settle for second best by accepting high prices, uncompromising attitudes and obsolete advice; we keep up to date with industry standards and the latest in aquarium-keeping protocol; call Aquagiant and we’ll jump into action to ensure your full satisfaction.