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  • Our Pledge to You
    We work in earnest to ensure that every purchase meets the expectations of our clients. We will continue to put the emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction, competitive pricing and choice of selection. We will not be undersold. We will work with you to establish the aquarium environment you envision and we will do so by sharing our wisdom, utilizing our resources and teaching our customers about the tricks and techniques that can be used to shorten set-up time while saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.
    We will teach you:
    1. how to work with base rock
    2. how to save money on foods, medicines and miscellaneous items
    3. how to balance your aquarium budget
    4. how to get the most out of your lighting systems
    5. how to maintain your aquarium through regulated dosing and daily care
    6. how to get the most out of the dollars you spend