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Red Marlboro

New fresh water fish arrived on Feb24, 2016 

List of Freswaterfish 
Assorted platy 
Red sword 
Glowlight tetra 
Assorted corydoras
Zebra danio-Longfin
Redtail black shark
Gold severum cichlid 
Tri-colour fighting fish-Male
Kuhlii loach
Red cap fantail goldfish
Red lionhead goldfish
Golden apple snail 
Blood parrot 
Blue acara 
Red Jewel cichlid 
Short body greed terror 
Green texas cichlid 
Silver arowana 
Assorted Guppy (In Pair) 
Red tetra 
White cloud mountain tetra 
Green tiger barb 
Tiger barb 
Red-lined torpedo barb 
Assorted corydoras 
Assorted oscar 
Snow white socolofi cichlid (A18) 
Golden Angel 
Marble angel 
Orange peacock 
Red peacock 
Golden fin peacock 
Yellow peacock 
Electric bule cichlid 
Red bard mon 
Flower horn 
Blue Acara 
Clown knife 
Spotted grenn puffer 
Tiger barb 
Green tiger barb 
Odessa barb barb 
Silver shark 
Silver dollars 
Albino rainbow shark 
Alot of discus in stock 
Gold gourami 
Blue gourami 
Asst. platy 
Red swordtail 
Long fin Danio 
Glass cartfish 
Boesemani's Rainbow 
Red rainbow 
Neon tetra 
Black neon tetra 
Glowlight tetra 
Clown loach 
Botia loach 
Assorted balloon molly 
Cherry barb 
Red rosy barb (Male 
Red-lined torpedo barb 
Blood red Dwarf gourami-Male 
Pearl gourami 
Siamese algae eater 
Electric yellow cichlid (CA7) 
Super red female betta-Grade A 
Red ranchu goldfish
Batte (male)
A lot  of 4" discus in stock. 

Red melon discus
Golden discus
Blue diamond discus
Snakeskin discus
Pigeon blood discus
Red turquoise discus


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