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Deltec SC 2060 Internal

Deltec SC 2060 Internal


The new Deltec protein skimmers have an E-T-A (Energy to Air) Ratio of around 60 to one and can produce 1500 liters of air per hour whilst using only 25W of power. Compare this with the current Deltec modified Eheim pumps, (already renound for their performance), which only produce 600 lts of air for 36W of power and you will understand why we are so excited.

The TC name describes the special Twin Chamber design of the bubble chamber which is patented and has the benefit of pressurizing the pumps for higher performance and ensures that only unskimmed water passes through he pump rather than reskimming and reprocessing water in the chamber.

The new bubble plate design allows the height of the skimmers to be reduced compared with the current range to allow them to fit in a greater number of installations and cabinets. The primary use of the bubble chamber is to prevent turbulence from the skimmer body and neck as turbulence can pull waste loaded bubbles back into the water column causing a reduction in efficiency. The air to water ratio is so high that there is almost immediate reaction with the waste therefore there is no requirement for the tall reaction chambers found on some low air skimmers thus keeping the units compact.


Technical Data :


In Sump Version - Deltec SC2060 - This stands for Single Chamber, body diameter 200mm(7.87 inch) and total height 600mm(23.62 inch)

  • The total height measurement includes around 3/4" for cup removal
  • Significantly exceeds performance of AP701/AP851 (600 lts of air - 230V)
  • footprint - 8.66 inch by 8.66 inch
  • footprint including pipework 11.02 inch by 8.66 inch
  • Total air produced - 1100 lts/hour max depending on water flow.
  • Power consumption - 25 watts at 110 volts(60Hz)
  • Water level in sump - 7.08 Inch min 10.2 inch max
  • Outlet 50mm
  • Neck diameter 7.87 inch
  • Tank Suitability 370 U.S gall heavy stocking 450 U.S gall normal stocking
  • Remote drain of skimmer cup
  • Air silencer
  • Micro adjustable skimmer setting
  • High water flow through the skimmer
  • New colour scheme
  • No feed pump required, skimmer draws water directly from the sump

Price: $1,299.99