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Deltec PF509 Calcium ReactorS Product Page


Deltec PF509 Calcium ReactorS Product Page


The PF509 is the starting model of a new fifth generation of Deltec Fluidised Calcium Reactors which now comes with a full bayonet fitting on the top for full and easy access to the media.

This may be the baby of the family but with its fluidising action it is capable of providing the required calcium levels on tanks up to 119 US gallons.


The new Mk 5 models now have a new design of pump with a ceramic/ceramic bearing surface to overcome the issue of impellor wear due to the abrasive media.

There is also a thermal cut out fitted to overcome issues if the pump is accidentally allowed to run dry.


Technical Data

  • Deltec PF509 : Item No. 87157
  • Mk5 Fluidised Calcium Reactor
  • For use in saltwater Aquariums only


  • For Aquariums up to 119 US gallons.

Footprint Dimensions:

  • L: 180mm x W: 140mm x H: 500mm
  • L: 7 1/8 " x W: 5 1/2" x H: 19 3/4"
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