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Salt water fish
Puffer Dogface
Tang  Powder Brown 
Tang  Naso Lipstic  (M)
Tang  Brown (Scopas) 
Trigger Blue Jaw  (Male)
Blenny Mandarin Green) (M/L)
Goby Diamond Orange Spot
File Leatherjacket
Sea Hare Slugs
Angel  Emperor  (Juv)  (M/L)
Angel  Bicolor      
Trigger Pinktail            
Chromis Blue-Green
Dottyback Diadema
Box Fish Yellow  (M)
Shrimp Green Camel
Shrimp Tiger Pistol
Anthias Sunburst  (S/M/L)
Angel  Emperor  (Juv)  (M/L)
Grouper Asst.  Spotted
Fresh water fish
Discus Assorted
Flower horn
Tiger Shovel Nose
Fresh water fish
Hifin peppered corydoras
Borleyi red fin
Pale pink peacock
Redtail catfish
Pearlscale cichlid
Dwarf rainbowfish
Neon tetra
Redline Barb
Fenestratus(Red Empresscichlid)
Blue peacock
Electric blue johanni
Taiwan reef cichlid
parrot fish
Dwarf gourami-Male
Tiger oscar
Lemon yellow lab.
Bandit cichlid
Green terror
Blue lumphead cichlid
Yellow peacock
Snow cichlid
Blue gourami
Blue neon Dwarf gourami
Rasbora hengeli
Silver dollars
yellow gourami
Electric blue "hormone"
Gold fin peacock O.B.
Fuelleborn's cichlid
Red cap oranda
Assorted balloon molly
Assorted angel fish
Orande gold fish
Zebra danio-Longfin
Black & Red fantail goldfish
Pearl gourami
Gold algae eater
Red rainbow
Blue rainbow
Redtail black shark
Gold severum cichlid
Spotted green puffer
Clown loach
Black moor fantail goldfish
Grade A 4" koi
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